Overwhelmed by the Options? Choosing Kitchen Cabinets 101

Kitchen cabinets come in a variety of colors, styles and finishes! They also come in a range of price points for every budget. When choosing kitchen cabinets, it can be overwhelming to navigate all the options. Don’t forget that this should be a fun and exciting process – after all, you are creating a kitchen that you and your family will enjoy for years to come!

Here are a few helpful tips for choosing kitchen cabinets:

1. Begin with a Budget

Determine the total amount that you’re willing to spend on kitchen cabinets before you begin shopping around. This will help you narrow down the options from the start, and prevent you from going over budget. You can create a “high-range” and a “low-range” budget, and work within this range when exploring cabinetry.

choosing kitchen cabinets

2. Know Your Room Dimensions

Whether you’re working with an existing kitchen or creating a newly remodeled space, it helps to know the dimensions you’ll be working with for your final cabinetry installation.

Math is an important part of space planning. Bringing your Kelly-Fradet designer dimensions will help them to answer questions like “Can I fit a large pantry next to my refrigerator?” If you are remodeling, photographs of your space are a great idea to bring to your initial meeting also!

3. Know Your Home Style

Are you designing a kitchen for a Cape Cod Style home or a Craftsman Style home? Each home style dictates different color palettes, textures, and hardware options. Your kitchen designer will offer ideas that will match your home style perfectly!

4. Think About Accessories

Kitchen cabinets all have a purpose nowadays. There are drawers for pots and pans, oversized drawers for baking sheets and designated cabinets for trash and recycling are some examples. Accessories like lazy Susans, pullout spice racks, drawer organizers and other cabinet extras make the kitchen a much more efficient and enjoyable place.


choosing kitchen cabinets

5. How Much Storage

If you’re going to need large amounts of storage in your kitchen, this will dictate your cabinet choices, as well. Don’t forget that clearing your countertops with below-the-counter storage will give you more available workspace for prepping and cooking.

It’s good to have an idea of your storage needs from the start. Check out Medallion Cabinetry for smart storage options and solutions to match a variety of needs! Kelly-Fradet carries a variety of Medallion Cabinetry options for you to choose from.

Choosing Kitchen Cabinets 101

Still need help, suggestions or guidance choosing kitchen cabinets? Why not contact a kitchen designer today! Kelly-Fradet’s designers can help you choose the perfect cabinet to complete your kitchen style. Contact one of our designers today to set up visit to one of our beautiful showrooms. They are filled with Medallion cabinetry to match any style or budget!