Blueprint Estimating

February 2, 2017

Making Your Blueprints Work for You

1. Let’s start with your blueprint.

Interpreting a blueprint can be a little intimidating. That’s why we’ll meet face to face and carefully review your plans to discuss all your options and expectations.

2. A dedicated salesperson, from start to finish.

From the time you bring in your blueprint, right through the delivery of your products, we dedicate our experienced professionals to guide you through your entire project.

3. Picking the perfect products.

There are many details that are not specified on a typical set of blueprints…. wood doors or fiberglass doors? Grilles between the glass or full divided lites? Granite or Quartz countertops? The decisions go on and on, but the path becomes more clear with the help of our literature library, our product showroom and our online product guide. Your salesperson will explain all your options with experience and clarity.

4. An accurate materials list.

We take pride in providing a thorough list of materials. We ask all the questions beforehand so you’re not stuck with surprises as your job progresses.

5. Jobsite measuring.

Let Kelly-Fradet take the guesswork out of measuring. Our Jobsite Sales Team can provide on site measurements for cabinets, windows, doors and more.

6. A charge account just for you.

Applying for our In-Store charge account offers exclusive benefits. It allows you to call in your orders without leaving your jobsite. You also receive Free Delivery on most jobsite orders. And there is no annual fee or individual transaction charge. Ask for an application today.

7. Delivery on time.

When you build with Kelly-Fradet, getting all your building materials to the jobsite is quick and convenient. We have the right vehicle for the task, Forklift trucks, Box Trucks, Flatbed Trucks and more!

8. Jobsite support team.

Our Jobsite Support Team provides continual assistance from start to finish, in the store and more importantly on your jobsite. We offer project measuring, estimating, proper job material ordering and quick response to any ongoing issues that may arise. We even have a trained, dedicated staff to address Andersen Window and Patio Door service calls.