Marvin Windows at Kelly-Fradet

Marvin at Kelly-Fradet

With Marvin, living better is in the details.

Marvin windows and doors are inspired by how people live. Marvin’s three product collections – Signature, Elevate and Essential – are organized by degree of design detail, flexibility, and customization possibilities. These collections now organize Marvin’s window and door products to help customers find the right solutions for their projects, making it easy to create beautiful homes that deliver on every customer’s unique needs.

Marvin makes windows and doors inspired by how you live.

Created with people in mind at every step, the Marvin product line is intentionally designed with form and function in mind – helping you connect to the natural world around you!

Marvin Collections

Marvin Signature: Design and category-leading innovation

As Marvin’s most aspirational product line, the Marvin Signature collection features the broadest range of product types, styles, configurations and design options. Ideal for creating exceptional spaces in which every detail is thoughtfully considered, the collection includes the products previously known as Marvin Contemporary Studio and also includes what will continued to be known as the Marvin Signature Ultimate and Marvin Signature Modern lines.

Marvin Elevate: Beautiful design, superior strength

A resourceful option, the Marvin Elevate collection offers a balance of creativity, vision and reality, hitting a sweet spot between differentiated, highly valued features and price. The curated collection includes products previously known as Integrity Wood-Ultrex.

Marvin Essential: Streamlined, versatile and maintenance-free

For those who wish to reduce complexity without sacrificing quality, the Marvin Essential collection offers accessible design with a simplified approach. Featuring clean lines and simple profiles, the Marvin Essential collection offers versatile style solutions with superior strength and durability. The collection includes products previously known as Integrity All-Ultrex.

Featured Marvin® Products

Marvin Signature® collection

Imagine nearly infinite possibilities

The Marvin Signature collection offers our broadest range of product types, sizes, configurations and design options. You’ll experience the difference in every thoughtful detail, with the highest level of architectural precision and beautiful aesthetics. Featuring the Ultimate and Modern product lines, the Marvin Signature collection is a hallmark of Marvin’s design leadership and customer-focused innovation—made to inspire truly exceptional spaces.

Marvin Elevate® collection

Strike the perfect balance of beauty and strength

The Marvin Elevate collection is an ideal blend of remarkable design and superior strength, bringing balance to your style and performance needs. Patented fiberglass exteriors stand up to all elements, outperforming and outlasting vinyl, roll-form aluminum and other fiberglass composites. Warm wood interiors add timeless beauty, while resilient, long-lasting fiberglass stays strong in even the toughest conditions.

Marvin Essential™ collection

Design and performance, made easier

The Marvin Essential collection brings together design, quality, and performance in one streamlined offering. Strong, durable fiberglass exteriors and interiors are both striking and virtually maintenance-free. Simplified options make the order process straightforward, while clean lines and versatile styles make it easy to meet project demands.

Double Hung Windows

Easy to clean, two operable sashes

A double hung window has two operable sashes that move up and down. The sashes slide in tracks built into the frame and are held in position by either counterweights, springs, or friction. The sashes are locked shut with a latch located where they meet in the middle. Double hung windows are an easy type of window to keep clean because both sashes tilt in for easy access to the inner and outer surfaces of the glass.