Planning a New Roof? Now’s the perfect time to get your roofing project done!

Got a leaky roof? Are your shingles starting to fall off? Summer is the perfect time to get your home buckled down and ready for winter.  
Here are some tips to get you started!  
Plan ahead 
The first thing you’ll want to do is research contractors in your area. Read reviews, ask for recommendations and do your homework. A new roof is no small investment, and you want it done right. Get a few different quotes to compare. Know your budget and explore financing options.  
Next, select what roofing shingles would work best for the style of your home, the climate where you live and your budget. GAF Timberline HDZ® Shingles are the ideal choice for a wide variety of architectural styles.  
Prepare for installation 
A roof replacement can get a bit messy, and you want to protect your personal belongings from any possible damage. Clear patio furniture and grills from the yard. Park your cars on the street out of the way of any falling debris. Remove valuables from your attic or cover them with a tarp. Remove mirrors and picture frames from the walls of the top floor of your home. Cover your flower beds with a tarp.  
The roof installation will also be noisy- bring your pets to a friend or relative’s house, and think of activities your family can do away from the home.  
Do a walk-through with your contractor. Inspect your home and yard for debris, loose nails or damage. Make sure you are satisfied with their work. Get all of your paperwork in order: a copy of your manufacturer’s warranty, a building permit, work contract and proof that your roofing project will be covered under the contractor’s insurance policy.