Will a New Masonite Front Door Create Curb Appeal?

“Buyers begin to fall in love with a house at the curb,’ says Real Estate Agent Gerri Walczak. “If the entry door is unique to the home and has ‘Wow’ factor, buyers will expect the whole home to match that quality and will want to see more.”

She notes the details that contribute quality to a home are trim, flooring, appliances and solid-core doors, among others. “Savvy home buyers looking to upgrade from their existing home will immediately notice nicer finishes like these,” says Gerri, because they know what they want.”

No matter your home style or budget, there’s a perfect Masonite exterior door to match your personality and taste.

So, what style options are available from Masonite?Masonite front door

Masonite understands that a door is much more than a door. Doors are woven into the fabric of our everyday lives, which is why the doors you choose for your home should express who you are and what you value.

Masonite’s robust product offering gives you access to the inspirational designs, finishes and details that let your style take shape.


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