How Do I Paint Palight Trimboard?

Palight Trimboard does not require paint for protection, but it can be painted to achieve a desired color.

Because Palight Trimboard absorbs no moisture, paints last 3 to 4 times longer on Palight than on wood. However, paint takes longer to cure than it does on wood – up to 30 days, depending on outdoor temperatures and humidity.

  • To reduce the need for painting, Palight Trimboard is available in three colors: white, sand and clay.
  • Use paints that are 100% acrylic latex or acrylic latex with a urethane additive.
  • Use only stock colors that are compatible with PVC trim. If you have a custom color mixed, it is possible that incompatible materials may be added to the paint during the custom blending process.
  • No special surface preparations are required prior to painting. Just ensure the Palight surfaces are clean, dry and free of dust.
  • If EverClean Protective Film has been removed, wipe trimboards with a rag moistened with isopropyl alcohol prior to painting, or mild detergent and water.

Any PVC trimboard can become warped or distorted as a result of heat absorption that is beyond the product’s tolerance. To prevent this, be sure to ask for paint colors with a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 55 or higher. If you use a color with an LRV of less than 55, it must be formulated as “siding safe” for use on vinyl/PVC products.

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