SkyTrim Trimboards

PVC Trimboards & Sheets


PVC Trimboards and Sheets

SkyTrim trimboards offer reliable wood that doesn’t rot, fade or split, and it holds its beautiful appearance for decades. Available in typical wood profiles sizes, architects and builders can easily incorporate it into nearly any trim project for a beautiful and lasting finish. There are several reasons to choose SkyTrim for your trimboards and sheets.

  • Keep it clean from production through construction with our EverClean™ Protective Film
  • Cut it, shape it, fasten and paint it easily
  • Free foam PVC with smooth edges and consistent, uniform dimensions
  • Low maintenance—impervious to moisture, rot or insects
  • Long-lasting durability and beauty
  • Available in standard and ProFinish™ profiles

What is EverClean?

10 years ago, SkyTrim became the first brand to have protective film on every single trimboard, which SkyTrim refers to as its Everclean™ protective film. Instead of having a messy job site after completing a new deck or another home improvement project, Everclean™ protective film saves any time and effort spent on cleaning up a job site. To use it, you can install it with the film on, and you can cut or nail through it. Once your project is finished, you only need to peel the film off and paint.

Typical After-Job Cleanup

  • Hire a cleaning crew—or clean yourself
  • Wash trim with soap or solvent
  • Hide flaws with paint or putty
  • Pack up all cleaning supplies

After-Job Cleanup with EverClean Protective Film

  • Peel off the Film
  • Calculate your time and money savings
  • Start your next job sooner

For custom lengths and sizing options, contact a staff member at Kelly-Fradet.

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