SkyTrim Trimboard and Sheets


Skytrim has a range of widths, lengths and thicknesses to match and elevate the architecture of any home style. It’s made from free-foam PVC that works and cuts like wood, but without wood’s maintenance issues.

Trimboards and sheets are available in smooth or reversible smooth/woodgrain texture for design and aesthetic flexibility. The sealed edges and factoryapplied protective film keep them clean until the day
they’re installed. It’s that level of innovation that has led other leading suppliers around the globe to rely on SkyTrim for trimboard, sheets, and PVC mouldings. Specializing in the production of PVC and Polycarbonate, SkyTrim products are used for construction, architecture, agriculture, graphics & display, and more.

Benefits of SkyTrim Products:

  • They make cutting and painting easy
  • Low maintenance
  • Protects against moisture, rot and insects
  • Durability over time
  • Beautiful design

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Featured SkyTrim Products

PVC Mouldings

Whoever said “The devil is in the details” obviously never worked with SkyTrim Mouldings. Made from PVC, they’re simple to cut and install, and designed to last so your exterior or interior trim job will be complete. With all the details that your customers desire. No devil required. Perfect for window and door surrounds, exterior ceilings and any decorative trimboard flourish. 

PVC Trimboards and Sheets

SkyTrim Trimboard offers the centuries-old familiarity and workability of wood, but with none of the drawbacks. They can be used in countless ways to trim a home and add long-lasting beauty and value. It’s versatile enough to work with all kinds of architectural styles, is moisture and termite proof and comes ready to install direct to masonry or below grade.

  • Trimboards are available in white, and fully reversible in Smooth or Woodgrain. 
  • PVC 4 X 8 sheets are available in white, sand, and clay. 

Our range of neutral trimboard and sheet shades give you the flexibility to complement any siding color, from lighter shades to bolder ones. So you’re guaranteed to create the right expression.

For custom lengths and sizing options, please contact us.  

Cortex® Fastening System

SkyTrim’s Cortex® Fastening System discreetly hides fasteners from view, while still maintaining the integrity of a face-fastened connection. The fasteners come in Smooth or Wood Grain. No caulking, sanding, painting or pre-drilling required.  

Which is Better, SkyTrim Trimboard or Wood?

Give your home a classic look with SkyTrim® Trimboard. Made of free foam PVC, Palight® Trimboard is a lightweight and durable alternative to wood. With fully sealed edges, Palight® Trimboard is moisture and termite resistant. But how does it stand up to real wood? 

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