Create the Perfect Outdoor Space

Maximize your outdoor living space so that it functions well all year long! Wondering how to create an ideal outdoor space for your family? A great outdoor living space will:

  • Provide ample seating options for family and friends
  • Allow you to prepare, cook and enjoy meals together
  • Have areas that are both sunny and shaded throughout the day
  • Have zones for smaller groups to gather comfortably
  • Have beautiful lighting options for after the sun goes down

Want to reduce the time you spend maintaining and cleaning your deck? Consider adding a beautiful composite deck! These durable alternatives to wood decking are a wonderful investment and require little maintenance or cleaning. Plus, they’re gorgeous, come in a wide range of colors, and can add resale value to your home!

Planning a Deck Party? Here Are a Few Tips to Help You Make it Unforgettable!

After a year spent mostly inside or under lockdown, many of us are flocking out-of-doors to spend time with friends and family this summer. Our porches and decks are functioning as full-fledged living spaces more than ever before. Not only are they places to relax and sunbathe by the pool or garden, they often serve double-duty as cooking centers, study halls, game rooms and more!

Are you ready for that big outdoor bash? Before arranging your grill, table and chairs, pergola, canopy, benches, and planters – take a look at these simple Deck Party Planning Tips:

Creating ‘seating zones’ in both sunny and shady spots will help your guests find a comfortable place to take in the party.

Tip 1) Create Ample Seating – If your deck is large and sprawling, it helps to create ‘seating zones’ to break up the space, so that guests find a cozy spot of their own choosing. And if you have a small deck, there are a myriad of creative ways to add seating.

*Don’t forget to create seating in both sunny and shady places on your deck – some people like it hot and some prefer to stay cool!

Tip 2) Outdoor Dining Setup – Prepping meals, grilling or smoking, and gathering outdoors to eat are all fun and engaging activities for your deck party! Try inviting close friends to the party early for a ‘cocktail hour’ that includes more interactive food prep, like building hors d’oeuvres or marinating meats and veggies. Formal deck ‘dining rooms’ are gaining in popularity, too.

*Go with a few rustic picnic tables for larger gatherings or set up smaller tables and chairs for more intimate dining.

Tip 3) Well-Planned Lighting – When it comes to summer parties, the real party often starts after the sun goes down. So, don’t overlook deck and railing lighting to help keep the party going under the stars! Lighting can create a unique, warm ambiance in a smaller deck. It also helps guests navigate a larger deck. Above all, lighting can help you create either a soft, subdued mood or an energized, celebratory evening gathering!

*Try hanging bistro lights, old holiday LED lights, or opt for lighting solutions that are integrated right into the railings and stair risers of your deck.

Night Life Deck - Trex Decking at Kelly-Fradet

More than ever before, it’s important to create an outdoor living space that’s relaxing, inviting and multi-purpose. Why wait? Contact us today for your free consultation. Or browse the articles below for practical advice on adding functionality to your deck, porch, or outdoor living space.