Windows that Make Summer Feel Endless

Bring the outdoors in with Andersen’s floor-to-ceiling windows. These windows, most commonly picture windows, are perfect to showcase a panoramic view, let in natural light and make your home feel more spacious.

Best Locations for Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

When it comes to selecting the right spot for your floor-to-ceiling window, you’ll want to consider both the interior and exterior of your space. You probably don’t want to install a floor-to-ceiling window in a room that faces a busy street, or your dark and cozy living room.

Face your window towards your backyard, garden or mountain view. Consider what direction the window will face- southern windows will let in the most light. Floor-to-ceiling windows can also be used to make small rooms feel more open and spacious.

Once you’ve installed your window, you can add finishing touches to make the most out of the natural light- add some plants to the room, or install a bird feeder outside.

Practical Considerations

While floor-to-ceiling windows be created using various types of windows, they are most commonly picture windows. Picture windows do not open, so if you want better airflow in the space, consider pairing it with an awning window. Awning windows are hinged on the top, with a sash that opens outward from the bottom.

Looking for the perfect window style to complement your home? Let our knowledgeable team help – Contact us today to get started.