Venting VELUX Skylight Styles

Did you know that you have options when it comes to skylights? It’s true – and when you’re choosing VELUX Skylights, the sky’s the limit! If you’re looking to add more light and fresh air into your home, here are two venting Velux Skylight styles to consider.

Manual Venting Skylights

Manual venting skylights open slightly to allow fresh air to flow through the skylight. The “manual” part means they are manually operated. Manual venting skylights installed within reach are opened and closed with a crank handle, like how windows in older cars may be operated.

What makes these skylights great is that not only can you rely on them for natural lighting, but you can also use them for natural ventilation! Manual venting skylights don’t require electricity, so they are an ideal and efficient daylight and fresh air option.

Solar-Powered Venting Skylights

Solar Powered Skylights that Vent

Like manual venting skylights, solar-powered venting skylights open to allow fresh airflow. What’s different is their operation. Solar-powered skylights are opened and closed by an internal motor system that is powered by the sun. Each one has a solar panel that collects energy all day and uses it to power the skylight when prompted by a remote control.

What makes this style of venting skylight so great? Three words: Solar Tax Credit! For the next couple of years, you can receive a federal tax credit for installing solar-powered skylights. That means you get the daylight, you get the fresh air, and you get some money back just for installing them.

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