Marvin Signature® Ultimate – A Grand Design Element

Marvin Signature® Ultimate sliding patio doors at Kelly-Fradet.

If you can imagine it, Marvin and Kelly-Fradet can bring your vision to life.

Does your home need a style makeover? Updating your windows and doors with Marvin’s stylish options can make a huge improvement to your home’s curb appeal!  We recommend Mavin® for design detail, flexibility, and customization possibilities.

Marvin Signature Ultimate sliding patio doors let in maximum light in narrow hallways, or spaces where swing-in doors are too tight. Plus, they have a contemporary look and low-profile sills to maximize your view!

Features of the Marvin Signature Ultimate:

  • Available in heights up to 9 feet or widths up to 16 feet
  • Narrow 3-inch clad-wood top and bottom rails open space for light and views
  • Handle options let you personalize the aesthetics
  • Durable sill engineered for years of energy-efficient and weather tight performance
  • Available in two-, three- or four-panel operating configurations for design versatility
  • Optional top-hung screen glides smoothly
  • Hidden Lock Status Sensor option connects with your smart home to indicate when door is closed and locked
  • Optional low-profile, high-performance, universal design sill for a flush transition

Increase your home’s energy efficiency! Built on the same solid foundation as the Marvin Signature Ultimate sliding french door, the Marvin Signature Ultimate sliding patio door offers more daylight with a contemporary vibe. Plus, panels seal tightly to keep out the weather to improve energy efficiency.


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Signature Collection

Marvin Signature Ultimate

The Marvin Signature collection offers the broadest range of product types, sizes, configurations and design options.

You’ll experience the difference in every thoughtful detail, with the highest level of architectural precision and beautiful aesthetics. Featuring the Ultimate and Modern product lines, the Marvin Signature collection is a hallmark of design leadership and customer-focused innovation—made to inspire truly exceptional spaces.

  • Beautiful Design
  • Innovative Touches
  • Wide Range of Options