Is It Time to Replace Your Windows? Here are the Top 5 Signs.

Failing windows will not only make your favorite spaces less comfortable, they may also have a negative effect on your health. Here’s how to know when it’s time for replacement from Marvin.

As time goes by, the performance of your windows will diminish. Weather-stripping gets damaged, seals fail, components get brittle and break. How do you know when it’s time to replace them? There are some obvious signs like cracked glass, drafty rooms, or that they’re hard to open and close, but some signs are more subtle. This handy guide will help you discover when it’s time for an upgrade.

Top 5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows:

  1. Too Cold or Hot – If your favorite rooms never seem to warm up in the winter or stay cool in the summer, your windows and doors are likely substantial contributors to your, and your pet’s, discomfort. Most modern windows are better engineered, made with more effective materials, and today’s glass outperforms glass of days gone by in nearly every category, which all translates into more comfortable rooms.
  2. High Energy Bills – It only makes sense that if your windows are underperforming, your energy bills will be higher than they should be. Even if you can afford the extra money, heating and cooling the outdoors is wasteful and consumes more natural resources than is necessary.
  3. Foggy Glass – For over 40 years, most windows have been made with dual pane glass, that is, two panes of glass separated by a small space. To improve insulation values, glass manufactures fill the space between the two panes with an inert gas like argon. Eventually, the seal keeping the gas in place fails, and the gas escapes, at which point the glass surfaces in the middle are prone to condensation. And when that condensation dries, it can leave behind an irritating foggy film which can’t be reached to be cleaned off. In addition to obscuring your view, a broken seal will negatively affect a window’s performance.
  4. Musty Smells – Poor performing and improperly installed windows can lose their ability to prevent water from entering a home. And where there’s water, you’ll often find mold, which can be a real health concern, especially for those with mold allergies. Sometimes you can see the mold, but it could be growing inside your walls and the only sign might be a musty/moldy smell.
  5. They Won’t Budge – Do you need a crowbar to open your double hung window? If you do, you’re ready for new windows. A stubborn window is not just inconvenient, it can be dangerous. If there’s a fire or other emergency, a stuck window could mean the difference between a safe outcome and disaster.

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