Have a Small Outdoor Space? Here Are 4 Ways to Create Big Impact

Who says you need a lot of space to create an outdoor oasis? With quality decking materials and the right furnishings, you can turn less into more.

Here are 4 space-saving decking tips to build your very own compact paradise TimberTech AZEK Decking:


1. Use the Right Materials

Start with engineered woods. They provide more design flexibility. Smooth, graceful curves make better use of limited space, while the wood-inspired colors work together to create a harmonious retreat.

2. Re-imagine Railings

The wrong choice of railing can make a deck feel closed off, especially in a small space. To keep yours feeling open and inviting, choose a design and color that won’t overpower the deck, such as black glass or cable-style railings. For decks lower to the ground, consider built-in planters or benches instead of railing.

3. Go Vertical

Tall furnishings can draw the eye upward and make a deck look and feel more spacious. Try outfitting your deck with a wall garden, screen, or pergola.

4. Illuminate

Lighting can create a unique, warm ambiance in a smaller deck. To make better use of limited space, hang bistro lights or opt for lighting solutions that are integrated into the railings and stair risers.

Deck Design for Smaller Spaces

TimberTech AZEK decks have the beauty of natural woods, but last for decades and won’t require routine maintenance. Visit your local Kelly-Fradet location to browse our selection of TimberTech AZEK decking, or to learn more.

To learn more about the process of building a deck from start to finish, download our FREE “Building a Deck” Guide.

Source: https://www.timbertech.com/imagine/stories/have-a-small-outdoor-space-here-are-5-ways-to-create-big-impact