Enjoy Low Maintenance Railings with Barrette

If you’re thinking about building a new deck or replacing the one you already have in your yard, we applaud you. But before you start getting started on construction, it’s important to consider what type of railing you’ll use: Low maintenance vinyl railing or traditional wood railing? Well, believe us when we say that a product like Barrette Bella Premier Series Vinyl Railing makes the choice simple!

The Vinyl Difference

Traditional wood railing is a classic option to consider. However, unlike low maintenance composite or vinyl railing, wood railing offers limited options. You usually choose from two types of wood for the top and bottom rails — cedar or pressure-treated pine — as well as limited infill options with square or beveled edge wood balusters. Fasteners like nails and screws may also be exposed.

Vinyl railing, on the other hand, is designed to be much more low maintenance. They’re easy to clean with water and a mild soap, and they do not require painting, staining or nails. Composite and vinyl railings also have many attractive profiles that fit with a variety of personalities and lifestyles.

Premier Design

Bella Premier Series Vinyl Railing is made from Composicore®

Now, take everything that makes vinyl railing so amazing, and multiply it by 1000. That’s the level that Barrette Bella Premier Series Vinyl Railing is at! Bella Premier Series Vinyl Railing is made from Composicore® — a material that contains no wood or organic fibers — and provides superior resistance to moisture, mold, and warping. Featuring a lightly textured, durable finish, the Premier Series offers a deck board adapter that creates a flat “cocktail rail” (perfect for entertaining guests!) Brackets conceal fasteners for a clean finish and multiple infill styles are available to let you create a deck that’s truly “you”.

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