Benefits of Adding French Doors to Your Home

Looking for ways to make your home feel more open and inviting? We recommend adding French doors to your entryway for a timeless look that’s sure to amaze the neighborhood! French doors are constructed with a massive pane of gorgeous glass and offer many benefits that make them a worthwhile investment.

Bring in More Natural Light

Adding French doors is a great way to bring in even more natural light to your living room or kitchen. While many French doors are assembled with a large piece of glass that is surrounded by a variety of wood grilles, you can choose a door without grille patterns to increase the amount of sunlight you receive. Plus, some French doors, like the Classic-Craft Canvas Collection Hinged Patio Door Systems by Therma-Tru®, can be engineered to slide on a track that is connected to your patio. This creates a stunning entry that’s also easier for your guests to use.

Enhance Your Energy Efficiency

One of the best things about French doors is that they can be manufactured with factory coated Low-E glass from Therma-Tru to enhance the insulation and energy-efficiency of your home. These special glass panes are designed to stop warm air from escaping your dining and living spaces during the winter season. What’s more, they help keep cool air trapped inside your home during the warmer months. So, not only will your new doors look great, they’ll save you money on your energy bills!

Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Many homebuyers are looking for homes with open living spaces that are filled with natural light. By installing French doors, you immediately add a touch of elegance to your entryway that potential buyers will appreciate immediately. Even better, they look beautiful in all homes from industrial to traditional.

If you’re looking for the perfect French door, we’re here to help! Stop by any Kelly-Fradet location to learn more about our selection.