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Start Your Project - Exterior Doors

It can be as simple as an idea from you.

Whether you’re a first time homeowner or a seasoned professional; choosing the right deck for your home can be an overwhelming experience. Why not ease the burden and let our experienced professionals facilitate the process from start to finish.

1. Let’s start with your vision
All your choices and desicions can be a little intimidating. That’s why we’ll meet face to face and carefully review your ideas or plans to discuss all your options and expectations.

2. A dedicated salesperson, from start to finish
From the time you bring in your sketch or blueprint, right through the delivery of your products, we dedicate our experienced professionals to guide you through your entire project.

3. Picking the perfect products
There are many new products and applications available to complete your deck.... wood vs. composites? Screws vs. hidden fasteners? The decisions go on and on, but the path becomes more clear with the help of our literature library, our product showroom and our online product guide. Your salesperson will explain all your options with experience and clarity. We are experiended in ordering from a virtually limitless supply of decking materials.

4. An accurate materials list
We take pride in providing a thorough list of materials. We ask all the questions beforehand so you’re not stuck with surprises as your job progresses.

5. Delivery on time
When you choose Kelly-Fradet for your decking project, getting all your building materials to the jobsite is quick and convenient. We have the right vehicle for the task, Forklift trucks, Box Trucks, Flatbed Trucks and more! We make our deliveries on our own Kelly-Fradet trucks by our own Kelly-Fradet employees. We take pride in our reputation for proficient and timely shipments.

Wood Doors vs. Steel Doors vs. Fiberglass Doors

Even after 25 years, fiberglass remains the most advanced material for entryways — able to satisfy both today’s and tomorrow’s homeowners by giving them the look of wood doors and the strength of steel doors, without the compromises of either. In fact, fiberglass doors offer just what homeowners want* — the optimum combination of security, energy efficiency, performance and aesthetics. Therma-Tru not only pioneered the fiberglass door category but we continue to lead the industry.



  • Expensive
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Can peel or bubble out
  • Can bow, warp or twist
  • Will fade
  • Not energy efficient
  • Requires regular maintenance


  • Beautiful wood grain
  • High end look
  • Scratches easily repaired
  • Warm feel and touch



  • Easily dented
  • Scratches can lead to rust
  • Paint chipping can be common
  • Conducts temperature; cold or hot to the touch


  • Lower maintenance
  • No cracking or bowing
  • Less expensive
  • Energy efficient
  • Good insulating value
  • Secure



  • None


  • Lowest maintenance
  • Resists denting and scratching
  • Offers wood grain and smooth finish look
  • Won’t rot, deteriorate or rust
  • Energy efficient
  • Can be painted or stained
  • Won’t warp, bow or twist
  • Five times the insulation value of wood
  • Secure

Here are some of the options to think about before stopping in to one of our stores:

Door Panel Choices



Fiberglass Smooth

Fiberglass Wood Grain

Fire Rates

Impact Resistant


Door Glass Choices

Clear Glass


Internal Blinds

Etched Glass

Privacy Glass

Wrought Iron Grilles

Stained Glass
with Caming

Door Construction Choices


Hinge Finish

Sill Construction

Jamb (Door Frame)

Interior Casing

Exterior Casing
and Millwork


The first thing someone notices when approaching a home, is the entrance. Make it standout with a beautiful wood door. But which species will offer beauty and durability? Are you painting or staining? Do you want glass or wood panels?

Whether it’s Douglas Fir, Black Locust, Nootka Cypress, Ponderosa Pine, Mahogany, Alder or Red Oak doors, all will add an element of natural beauty to any home. Do you want the dark rich color of Mahogany, the clean lines and warm coloring of Fir or perhaps the striking contrast of Oak? Each will bring its own distinctive character and appeal.

Painting or Staining?
Wood doors can be painted to make an impact or stained a rich, warm tone to enhance the architectural detail. For a dramatic look, you can paint your trim and stain your doors. It all comes down to personal taste and the look and feel of your home.

How will my wood door hold up?
Wood is warm and inviting and today’s manufacturers have taken great strides to make wood doors an even better performing door. Thicker panels add durability while adding to the depth and beauty of the door’s natural wood characteristics. With a small amount of attention, a wood door can last for many years.

Douglas Fir
Fine grained with clean lines and warm coloring, Fir doors have an enduring appeal. They offer excellent stability and quality craftsmanship and finish well.

Black Locust
One of the heaviest and hardest woods in North America, Black Locust is highly rot-resistant, even in extreme conditions. Traditionally, it’s been used for fence posts, railroad ties and the toughest exterior applications.

Nootka Cypress
Also known as Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Nootka Cypress is a durable wood with excellent dimensional stability. Native to the West Coast of North America, Nootka Cypress offers a fine texture, uniform color and a straight grain that results in a beautiful finish, either stained or painted.

Sapele Mahogany
Sapele Mahogany is an African wood that is both durable and finishes well. It is brownish in color with a close grain pattern.

Mahogany is one of the most beautiful hardwoods in the world. It is strong and dense and has a fine texture. A mahogany door will add sophistication and elegance to any home. Choose from French or panel designs and make a real statement about your home.

Beautiful designs and timeless appeal are all you need to say about our Oak Collection. Add to that fine craftsmanship and you’ve got a door that will last for many years to come. Select from panel designs or add an elegant glass insert to complete your look.

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