Andersen Double-Hung Windows

Andersen Double-Hung Windows Series

Andersen Double HungDouble-hung windows are a popular style for their functionality and easy-to-clean features. Compared to single-hung windows, these windows can be opened from the bottom or top sash, sliding up and down for air flow. Since they open and close without protruding, double-hung windows are an excellent choice for rooms facing walkways, porches or patios.

Andersen’s combination of sophisticated engineering and high-tech craftsmanship make it a leading brand for double-hung windows.

Choosing a Material

Andersen features a variety of product lines and materials to best match your home’s design scheme. To compare individual products and materials, visit Andersen’s product comparison chart.

Andersen Double-Hung Windows at Kelly-Fradet

400 Series Double-Hung Windows

The 400 Series double-hung windows are the brand’s most popular window style. You can order traditional window style, but there are also specialty circle and oval windows that are available in a wide range of sizes. Whichever window style you go with, Andersen’s 400 Series adds a signature design element to your home.

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200 Series Double-Hung Windows

The 200 Series double-hung windows come in clear pine or white interior finishes and a low maintenance Perma-Shield® exterior.

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A-Series Double-Hung Windows

The A-Series double-hung windows are the brand’s best-performing double-hung window style. Each window is made of wood protected by fiberglass and Fibrex ® composite material, with a sash that can tilt inward for easy cleaning.

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E-Series Double-Hung Windows

The E-Series double-hung windows are fully customizable. They are made of wood but have an aluminum exterior for protection. The sash also tilts in for easy cleaning.


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