Advantech Adhesive

Get the most out of your floors—and everything else you build on top of them— with AdvanTech.

Why AdvanTech?

When you combine the strength and moisture resistance of AdvanTech panels with the bonding power of AdvanTech subfloor adhesive, you get a panel-to-joist connection so strong you won’t hear a squeak — guaranteed.

  • High standards: the strength, stiffness and fastener-holding power of AdvanTech subflooring is above PS-2 minimums.
  • Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Backed by a 500-Day No-Sanding Guarantee.
  • Voted #1 in Quality in Builder Magazine for over a decade.


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Featured Advantech Products

Advantech Subfloor Adhesive

Unlike traditional caulk adhesive, AdvanTech subfloor adhesive applies quickly, provides up to eight times more coverage and delivers a bond two to five times stronger than the ASTM standard. Your floors will never feel the same with AdvanTech products protecting them against squeaks, bounce and pops.

With a unique foam-to-gel formula, AdvanTech subfloor adhesive can be applied on wet or frozen-wood. And when you combine it with the moisture resistance, strength and fastener-holding power of AdvanTech subfloor panels, you get a subfloor assembly backed by the industry’s only 10-year Squeak-Free Guarantee™

AdvanTech is a web-spray adhesive designed to bond OSB, plywood, subfloor panels dimensional and treated lumber, concrete, metal, gypsum wallboard, fiberglass, plastic and masonry. It can be applied under a wide range of conditions and temperatures from 20°F to 105°F. One 24 oz. can yields about 400 linear feet of adhesive.