BLD Construction installs a New Medallion kitchen in Enfield

  • BLD Construction installs a New Medallion kitchen in Enfield
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Materials supplied by Kelly-Fradet

Cabinets – Medallion Devonshire raised panel door style in cherry with a Cappuccino stain, glazed & highlighted

Countertops – Granite Brown Calgary

“Diane was amazing, and soon I learned how proficient, skilled and patient she is in dealing with customers that need a ton of help!”

“Diane explained everything … clearly she knows her trade! I trusted her completely and she was so much fun with work with!”

“Over the course of several weeks, I visited Diane, called her and emailed her a number of times. She was always so patient and responsive.”

“She also coordinated time frames, confirmed measurements, the layout, etc. with our builder – Brian Doyon/BLD Construction. Diane was the ‘total package’ from the first day I met her all the way through to recent days when the renovation project was completed.”

Carol, Kelly-Fradet Customer