Framing Guide

Building with Trusses

Trusses are an efficient and cost-effective way to build. In partnership with Truss Engineering, we can supply you with the right floor and roof trusses for your building project. We provide a wide range of configurations, from sheds to large commercial buildings. Our designers possess an extensive knowledge of trusses, with the ability to create the product that fits your specific needs.

Why Use Trusses?

  • Labor costs are greatly reduced due to the ease of installation.
  • Quality is much higher because of a controlled building environment.
  • All our trusses are designed to meet the code requirements of your local area.
  • Trusses can contribute to green points when used in a green building.

Our Partnership Provides:

  • Truss design
  • Automated truss fabrication
  • Direct shipment to your site
  • Customer support after delivery
January 4, 2017