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The look and feel of wood without the maintenance



AZEK® Trim, with the AZEK Edge has precise sealed edges on all 4 sides (S4S), is ideal for window and door trim on the exterior of your house. Long known for the unequalled combination of Uniformity, Durability, Workability, and Beauty, AZEK Trim has the proven performance and confidence of a building code report – ESR-1074.

AZEK Trim products, available in trim, Solid Cellular PVC sheets PVC corner boards, and PVC beadboard, offer many reasons to choose AZEK Trim for your next exterior door or window trim project. Using traditional tools and fasteners, AZEK Trim products can be worked just like wood – even mitered, routed, and turned on a lathe. For custom applications, AZEK Trim products can be laminated and even heat formed to create curves.

- Impervious to moisture and insects
- Perfect for ground contact application
- 25 year warranty
- Precise sealed edges on all four sides (S4S)
- Tightest board tolerance in the industry
- Easier to clean
- Maintains a “like new” appearance in all types of weather
- Does not require paint for protection
- Can be heat formed for unique shapes and designs
- Building Code listing ESR-1074

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